[How To] Make something of your passion

Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: kevin dooley via Compfight cc

I recently joined Michael Hyatt’s Platform University. Yesterday I was listening to the video of the first monthly master class, “Start with Wow.”

One line from Mr. Hyatt (which I’ll paraphrase) keeps running through my head:

[Your opportunity for Wow] is at the point where your passion, your competence, and the market demand meet.

Passion is useless without competence

Passion – Competence = Potential… but not value.

Competence is a requirement for producing anything of value; you must have competence in the basic skills needed to apply your passion.

Good news! Competence can be achieved, by anyone, in (almost) anything.

Don’t Waste Your Passion

Scenario 1: You’re passionate about music, but you never 1) practice your instrument or 2) study to gain the knowledge needed for musical expertise.

Your passion is wasted.

Scenario 2: You’re passionate about music, and you 1) practice daily and 2) study effectively to gain the knowledge you need.

Your passion has value that can be shared.

Passion with Value for Others

Passion without competence might have value for you; you might still enjoy listening to music, or find value simply in the appreciation or consumption of your interest.

But in order for your value to have value for other people, it must be teamed up with competence.

There’s a third option, too.

To Make the Most of Your Passion

Scenario 3: You’re passionate about music, and you 1) practice daily for an extended period of time, 2) study effectively to gain the knowledge you need for expertise, AND 3) you look for and take opportunities to apply your knowledge & use your skills and 4) you seek out experts, mentors, the ‘stars’ of your specific area in music and learn from them.

If you want to make the most of your passion, set your priorities and arrange your life to include all four:

  1. Practice
  2. Learning
  3. Experience
  4. Emulation

The Power Is In the Persistence

Those four items, when done sporadically, amount to nothing.

A random day of practice in weeks of non-practice will not increase your competence.

But even a little bit of practice on a daily basis will build your skill.

The same is true for learning, experience, and emulation.

If you study, research, read, discuss, and otherwise dive into learning about your passion only when you feel like it…
Only at irregular times…
Only when you find random ‘free time,’ which is rare for all of us…
You won’t learn much. What you do learn won’t be internalized.

If you grab an experience but only every now and then, you won’t gain the recurring knowledge, confidence, and ability that you would get from regular, ongoing experience.

And if you emulate a master for a day or two, you might have a good day or two. But that’s all you’ll have.

Consistency Is the Magic

To turn your passion into something valuable, marry it to competence.

Gain competency by habitual, ongoing, consistent efforts in practice, learning, experience, and emulation.

Your passion isn’t meant to be a dead-end. If you feel stuck or stagnant, examine your competence level. It might be time to push yourself a little harder.

Come on, you can do it!

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